25 Easiest Nursing Jobs To-Get-Into That are Also LOW-STRESS (2024)



Written By: Donna Reese MSN, RN, CSN

In today’s challenging nursing environment, where burnout is at an all-time high, many RNs are seeking jobs that are lower pressure. Would you consider a job change, if you could find out what are the easiest nursing jobs to get into that are also low-stress? You may be surprised to know that many times, low-stress nursing jobs that are also easy to find go hand-in-hand.

Having the opportunity to work in an environment that does not drain every ounce of your energy or push you over the edge may be just what you need at this point in your career.

Perhaps this is the season in your life where your job needs to take a back seat to your home life, or you are just tired of being sucked into an all-consuming nursing position. If so, read this article, “25 easiest nursing jobs to get into that are also low-stress” for eye-opening RN position options that may be perfect for you.


What Exactly Is An Easy-To-Get-Into Nursing Job?

Simply put, easy-to-get-into nursing jobs are positions that do not require much extra schooling, certification, or experience. In addition, the competition is reasonable, allowing you a good chance for hire.

For years, many nursing jobs had loads of applicants, and the competition for the more popular positions was quite tough. As a new nurse, I recall interviewing for a hospital where I was willing to work in various departments. However, I remember reciting to myself, “please do not offer me a job in the rehab unit. I will take any other position but please, not the rehab unit”!

Due to over 100 applicants for a few RN positions, can you guess which unit was given to me for consideration? Of course, it was the dreaded rehab job! In my opinion, a post on that unit was non-glamorous and bottom of the barrel. As a young nurse, I could not picture myself starting my career in this lackluster fashion.

As you can surmise from this example, some less than desirable jobs may be easier to attain when the competition is tough.

However, easy-to-get-into nursing jobs of late are more diverse and readily available, thanks to a post-pandemic nursing shortage. Pretty much every hospital unit needs nurses, so the competition is minimal for a good portion of RN positions.

7 Benefits Of Easy-To-Get-Into Nursing Jobs That Are Also Low On Stress

Nobody wants a stressful job. But each of us has a threshold of how much stress is considered too much. While one nurse may thrive in a hectic ER, another may find the environment overwhelming. If you could get away from a high-pressure job, you may wonder if there are any jobs available where you can work without having the right experience or extra credentials.

No matter what factors you feel contribute to job stress, there are plenty of advantages of a low-pressure RN position that is also easy to get into that may interest you!

Some easy-to-get-into low-stress RN job benefits are:

1.New graduates have a chance at employment.

In the past, recent graduates may have had challenges finding employment. Some of the easiest nursing jobs to get into include positions where new RN grads are welcome.

2.You do not have to job search as long.

Once you know which positions are easy-to-get-into, your job search may be easier and quicker.

3.You do not have to take additional training.

Many jobs, such as a breastfeeding or legal nurse consultant, require additional certification. Jobs that are easy to get into require only your RN license and BSN or ADN degree.

4.The position does not require an advanced nursing degree.

Nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists are in demand. However, these professions require advanced nursing degrees. Many nursing jobs that are easy to land only require your RN degree.

5.Some positions will pay for necessary training after hire.

At times, easy to get into nursing jobs require additional training; however, some are willing to hire you without specialized credentials and then pay for you to obtain the training once employed.

6.You will not burn out.

Once you find a low-stress job that you love, you will be happy to stick with that job for a long time.

7.You will have a life outside of work.

Life outside of work? Many of us are too tired and mentally drained to do much after a 12-hour shift. Be ready to enjoy work-life balance once settled in a low-stress nursing position.


(The following is 2023’s list of 25 easiest nursing jobs to get into that are also low-stress. Please note most of these jobs only require an ADN.)

1.Pre-op Nurse

About the Job:

RNs working as pre-op nurses can be employed at a hospital or ambulatory surgical center. In this position, RNs prepare patients for the OR, take vitals, insert IVs, and prepare pre-op paperwork. The job is daylight hours and typically does not involve weekends or holidays.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

All hospital nursing positions are currently in demand, surgical ones included. Working daylight hours with a reasonable caseload makes this position one of the low-stress easiest nursing jobs to get into. Working in an ambulatory surgery center may be even lower stress than in a hospital due to more of a set schedule that does not include emergencies.

How Much Can You Make:

Pre-op nurses make, on average, $103,422, according to ZipRecruiter.

Job Outlook:

RNs working as pre-op nurses should enjoy employment in the future since patients will always need surgery, and RNs are required for the prep care for the OR.

2.Travel Nurse

About the Job:

Travel nurses are all the rage at present. Whether you want to work in pediatrics, home health, obstetrics, psych nursing, or just about any specialty area, there is a job waiting for you. Find the type of job that you feel is the least stressful, and voila’, there is a travel nurse job waiting for you in a locale of your choice.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

Travel nurse recruiters can find jobs for RNs without experience, new grads, and just about any type of nurse in-between. If working many hours in a week or long shifts stress you out, you can choose a part-time gig or shorter shifts to fit your needs. If the slower pace of long-term care is more your style, there is a job waiting for you.

Travel nursing can be whatever you design it to be. That’s the beauty of this job.

How Much Can You Make:

Travel nurses often make big wages, with a sign-on bonus included. ZipRecruiter reports the national average salary for a travel nurse as $95,163.

Job Outlook:

At present, travel nursing jobs abound. The extreme demand for travel nurses will likely calm down in the future. However, the nursing shortage is expected to continue through 2030, so travel nurses will still be necessary to fill gaps in the nursing profession.

3.School Nurse

About the Job:

School nurses work in public and private schools taking care of the students' and staff' medical and psychological needs. School nurses care for children with complex medical conditions such as diabetes, seizure disorders, and cystic fibrosis, along with the daily demand for medication and care for illness and injury. In this role, RNs are part of the safety team and drug and alcohol task force.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

As one of the easiest nursing jobs to get into, most school districts are currently begging for RNs to fill open positions.

Now is a great time to become a school nurse, as many states are hiring on the spot and paying for additional school nurse certification training once you are employed. Working the same hours as your children and having off holidays and the summer adds to the perks of this low-stress nursing position.

How Much Can You Make:

The national average pay for a school nurse is $61,869 per ZipRecruiter.

Job Outlook:

It is doubtful that school nurses are on the way out. This profession has been around for over a century. Students with increasingly complex needs are attending school, and nurses will be needed there to assist.

4.Occupational Health

About the Job:

One of the easiest nursing jobs to get into is in the field of occupational health. Occupational health nurses work in large industries, HMOs, and factories to treat work-related injuries and onsite illnesses. This type of nurse is employed to keep the workers on the job. Due to this goal, preventative wellness is also a focus for occupational health RNs, often administering flu shots, doing BP clinics, and checking eyesight and hearing.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

New grads are welcome to apply for occupational health jobs, as experience in this field is not a prerequisite for employment. Additionally, no specific certification or advanced degree is needed, although there is an occupational health nursing certification available if you want to be ahead of the game when you apply.

How Much Can You Make:

Occupational health RNs make a healthy wage of $115,441 annually, according to ZipRecruiter.

Job Outlook:

Occupational health nurses save companies money in the long run by keeping the employees working. Since safety is a priority for this type of RN, workers’ compensation cases can be curtailed due to the nurses’ efforts to keep the employees out of harm’s way.

5.Assisted Living Facility

About the Job:

Easy-to-get-into nursing jobs can be found in extended care facilities. Nursing homes, rehab facilities, and assisted living all fall under this umbrella.

Although you should be able to find a job in many of these environments, working in an assisted living facility may be your best option. Working with the walking and “well” geriatric population is more pleasant than in some other circ*mstances. Providing minimal daily care and medication makes the RN role more of a nursing leadership position. Much of the time, the RN role is supervisory, with resident case management sprinkled in.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

Currently, extended care facilities are having a tough time finding RNs to fill open positions. New grad nurses and those without geriatric experience are welcome to apply. Stepping back from direct patient care due to the administrative nature of these positions creates a lower-stress job for RNs.

How Much Can You Make:

Salary.com lists RN job wages in extended care work to be $77,000 annually on average.

Job Outlook:

By 2030, the baby boomer population will be at least age 65. This large portion of the US population also has increased extended family spread across the country who are not available to assist in the boomers’ senior years. It is a bit unsettling to think that during the nursing shortage, more and more old timers will need long-term care. The good news is for nurses, as their jobs will always be required to care for this age group.

6.Post-op Nurse

About the Job:

Post-op nurses work primarily in hospitals but also can be found in ambulatory surgery centers. These RNs receive patients straight from the OR and assist them in waking up safely. They monitor vital signs and wound dressings and assess overall readiness to progress out of anesthesia and recovery.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

Working as an RN in post-op can be one of the easiest nursing jobs to get into for nurses who want to work in a hospital. The environment is more laid back and subdued than many units with a reasonable load of patients to tend to. Nurses working in surgery are needed in most hospitals and these employers often are willing to train new or inexperienced nurses in this field.

How Much Can You Make:

ZipRecruiter lists RN jobs in pre- and post-op to be compensated at $103,422 annually on average.

Job Outlook:

Hospitals and surgical centers are seeking OR nurses in any capacity at present due to shortages in this area. Surgery will be necessary in the future. Thus, this specialty nurse should be happy that pre-and post-op jobs are secure.

7.Research Nurse

About the Job:

Nurses who work in research work in hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical companies, and private research entities.

In this role, nurses work with clients either in person, on the phone, or remotely to interview, assess and collect samples according to the needs of the particular study. The contact is made at the start of the study and typically only involves 1 or 2 interactions. Once the data is collected, the research RN will meet with the team to break down and study data to help find solutions to health concerns and medical conditions.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

For some studies, research nurses often do not need additional training to join the research team. If you have a sharp, analytical mind, this field may be an excellent option for low-stress easy to get into RN jobs that may interest you.

How Much Can You Make:

Research RNs can make an average salary of $76,408 per year. However, specific fields of medicine, such as oncology, may compensate more.

Job Outlook:

The job outlook for medical research is expected to grow by 17% by 2030. Thus, those serving on the research team, RNs included, should expect job growth.

8.Home Health RN

About the Job:

Nurses working in home health care for patients in their homes for a wide variety of conditions and treatments.

For my first job as a home health nurse, I did a lot of patient teaching to people with diabetes and new moms. Fast forward a few years, and the home care field was much more complex. I would find medically challenging patients discharged home without support, needing IV medication, and just about everything else.

Nurses nowadays see patients in their homes much earlier after surgery, often in critical need of numerous services and support care. Home Health RNs coordinate many social, emotional, and physical services for patients while treating their complex medical requirements.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

Home health nursing organizations hire new and inexperienced nurses due to an extreme shortage in this field. No additional training, certification, or education is needed for this role. Choose a well-staffed home health agency to find low-stress easy RN jobs that provide low patient-to-nurse ratios.

How Much Can You Make:

$73,469 is what ZipRecruiter lists as the average annual pay for a home health RN.

Job Outlook:

Keeping a patient at home instead of an inpatient healthcare facility allows a patient to be more at ease and makes fiscal sense for the insurance company. With the trend slowly turning towards increased home health reimbursem*nt, the field of home health nursing should expect to grow in the future.

9.Case Management

About the Job:

The term nurse case manager has taken on many different meanings in the last few years. Hospitals, rehab facilities, extended care centers, HMOs, home health, and insurance companies all utilize RNs to coordinate care in the case management role. Although different entities may have differing roles for case management nurses, most hire nurses to control costs and assist patients in receiving optimal and necessary care.

Sometimes called utilization manager nurses, RNs in this capacity are employed to direct and oversee admissions and discharges, surgeries, long-term, complex, and severe conditions, as well as pregnancy and new mom and baby support.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

A quick look on google jobs illustrates that plenty of organizations are seeking nurses in this field. The majority indicate that new grads and inexperienced nurses may apply. Low-stress easiest nursing jobs to get into include case managers due to the laid-back office or at-home job environment along with lack of direct patient care and the headaches that come with it.

How Much Can You Make:

$83,475 is what nurse case managers make on average per year, according to ZipRecruiter.

Job Outlook:

Nurse case managers have been around for a long time. With case managers helping to control costs, it is expected that they will continue to be in demand in the future.

10. Vaccine Nurse

About the Job:

Vaccine nurses are employed by pharmacies, stores, insurance companies, hospitals, and a myriad of other entities to administer vaccines to the public. This job has gotten quite creative through the pandemic, where you could be working in any number of locales, including parking lots, giving vaccines to people in their cars. Hours are typically daylight and evening with some working weekends too.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

A vaccine nurse may be one of the easiest nursing jobs to get into of late. With vaccine clinics popping up on every corner, vaccine nurses are needed. No expertise is required for this job besides an RN license and the ability to give shots. With this job, you work with a healthy, cooperative population where drama and emergencies are unlikely.

How Much Can You Make:

ZipRecruiter lists the average annual pay for a vaccine nurse to be $97,104.

Job Outlook:

At least for the near future, vaccine nurse jobs will remain in demand due to the ongoing need for Covid vaccines and other types.

11. Cruise Ship Nurse

About the Job:

Nurses who work on cruise ships care for the medical needs of those on board, the staff included. Duties involve daily care for illness and injury, ranging from motion sickness to heart attacks. This type of nurse may also administer tests and x-rays and works in coordination with the ship physician.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

Cruise ship employers love young and energetic staff. So, if you lack experience in nursing, you may still be a candidate for this type of work. Working in a festive environment, such as a cruise ship with relatively healthy patients, makes this one of the low-stress easy RN jobs that many may enjoy.

How Much Can You Make:

Pro Sea Staff indicates that cruise ship nurse jobs pay between $4500 and $4800 per month.

Job Outlook:

Currently, people are flocking to schedule travel on cruise lines post-pandemic. The outlook for the cruise industry is not slowing down. Medical staff is necessary for the safety of the ship occupants; thus, cruise nurses will be needed in the future for this job.

12. Medical Device Educator

About the Job:

Nurses are employed to educate consumers on medical supplies and technology due to their knowledge and expertise in the health field. Corporations employ RNs to represent specific medical devices. The RN then teaches the patient or medical staff about the device to ensure its proper use and understanding. Examples of medical supplies are smart beds, TNS units, and even implanted devices such as pacemakers.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

As one of the easiest nursing jobs to get into for savvy nurses who love to teach, RNs in this capacity work regular business hours and commonly make their own schedule. Also, experience is not always a requirement as most companies prefer to train their educators themselves.

How Much Can You Make:

Per ZipRecruiter, the RN medical device educator salary averages $95,365 annually.

Job Outlook:

Sources partially attribute our aging population in creating a natural and increasing demand for medical devices and support. Thus, medical device educator jobs should remain necessary to keep up with this demand.

13. Infusion Nurse

About the Job:

Infusion nurses are hired to administer intravenous fluids and medications exclusively. Nurses are responsible for educating patients on the procedure, medications, and side effects, starting the IV, and administering the medication. Infusion RNs monitor vital signs and assess the patient for adverse reactions to the drugs. Nurses in this capacity can work in hospitals, outpatient infusion centers, home health, or at the newly popular “Drip Bars”.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

Low-stress easiest nursing jobs to get into commonly are positions that are in demand but still have the flexibility and slower-paced environment to create a stress-free job. Nurses who work at infusion sites enjoy this type of setting.

How Much Can You Make:

ZipRecruiter lists the annual average salary for an infusion nurse as $82,699.

Job Outlook:

Nurses will be needed to infuse IV medications forever. In fact, with the growing popularity of home infusions, this specialty should continue to grow in the future.

14. Community Health Nurse

About the Job:

A community health (public health) nurse serves the community to aid specific populations that are most in need. These populations include minorities, pregnant women and young children, those addicted to drugs, and people with chronic diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis. In addition, community health nurses work to control STDs and other communicable diseases such as Covid. Their work includes public preventative education, immunizations, and disease contact tracing.

This type of nurse can work in community health centers, federal agencies, churches, homeless shelters, and senior communities.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

Public health nurses are not required to have any certifications or advanced education for this role, although many do. Working non-bedside and office hours help to make this position one of the low-stress easiest nursing jobs to get into.

How Much Can You Make:

A community health nurse's salary on ZipRecruiter is $75,427 on average per year.

Job Outlook:

Public health nursing began in the mid-1800s with Florence Nightingale and Lillian Wald pioneering this essential nursing industry for our communities. Community nursing has remained a vital part of our society and should remain so as long as there are people in need and communicable diseases.

15. Cannabis Nurse

About the Job:

Of late, a brand-new specialty for nursing has emerged—that of a cannabis nurse. RNs working in the cannabis industry are used to support and educate patients utilizing medical marijuana for various conditions, including cancer, chronic pain, and MS. RNs in this capacity work remotely or in private cannabis offices.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

Now is the time to jump on the cannabis nurse bandwagon, as there are no prerequisites for employment. The American Cannabis Nurses Association is pushing for a cannabis specialty certification in the future, however. Due to the newness of this position, few nurses are experienced in this field, making it one of the easiest nursing jobs to get into.

How Much Can You Make:

A cannabis nurse should expect an average pay of $70,627 annually per ZipRecruiter.

Job Outlook:

This field is wide open for nurses at present and likely to continue to be needed as more states recognize and allow the use of marijuana.

16. Dermatology Nurse

About the Job:

Nurses specializing in dermatology typically work in a dermatology office. They provide patient education, assist the provider in procedures and remove stitches. Cancer prevention is stressed during educational visits as well as post-surgical infections. Some dermatology nurses also perform skin peels, microdermabrasion, and other skin-related procedures.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

Office hours, a pleasant environment, and on-the-job training make a position as a dermatology nurse one of the low-stress easiest nursing jobs to get into.

How Much Can You Make:

An RN working as a dermatology nurse makes an average annual wage of $81,010 per ZipRecruiter.

Job Outlook:

The job outlook for a dermatology nurse is good. With more and more people opting for elective skin procedures and skin cancer on the rise, the field of dermatology should expect to grow in the coming years.

17. Entrepreneur

About the Job:

One of the easiest nursing jobs to get into is that of a nurse entrepreneur. The sky is the limit for ideas and opportunities in this realm. You can own an adult daycare, provide an online hub for nursing CEUs and courses or set up shop as a piercing expert, as a few examples. There are so many nurse business ideas out there that you are sure to find something in your wheelhouse.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

Any nurse can start their own nursing business! The stress level is up to you. Do what you love and make your own schedule to keep job stress to a minimum.

How Much Can You Make:

One business site indicates that many nurse business owners can make well over $100,000 per month.

Job Outlook:

It is best to research the job market prior to launching any business. If you plan wisely, the job outlook for your nurse business should be positive.

18. Private Duty Nurse

About the Job:

As a private duty RN, nurses work one-on-one with their patients. While on duty, nurses provide total care for their charges, from dressing and feeding to medications and procedures. Typically, more complex care is needed, but occasionally, loved ones employ private nurses also to be a companion to their senior family members in their older years (as well as provide nursing care).

Private RNs can be employed through nursing agencies, privately by families and patients themselves, and other agencies. You may work in homes, extended care facilities, hospitals, and schools.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

Easy to get into nursing jobs are often ones where you do not need any extra training. This is the case for private duty nurses. There are jobs available for all types of nurses. For example, if pediatrics or gerontology is your desire, there should be a job for you.

How Much Can You Make:

ZipRecruiter lists the average pay for a private duty RN to be $74,828 annually.

Job Outlook:

Private nurses will always be needed to attend to patients who need one-on-one care. With psychiatric issues, suicide, and depression on the rise, nurses will be required even more in this area of healthcare.

19. Post-Partum

About the Job:

Post-partum nurses are sometimes termed, mother-baby nurses. In these low-stress easy to get into RN jobs, nurses monitor vital signs of both the mother and baby. In addition, this role requires much education on breastfeeding, daily care of the baby, and mom self-care. This nurse provides general support for the mother and encouragement for discharge.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

Currently, hospitals seek nurses for their post-partum units. Many young and inexperienced nurses start their career in post-partum care, where they will be trained on the job for this specialty.

How Much Can You Make:

According to ZipRecruiter, post-partum nurses make an average salary of $148,604.

Job Outlook:

This job is in demand and will remain as long as people have babies.

20. Military Nurse

About the Job:

Nursing in the US military is one of the easy-to-get-into nursing jobs that is also an honor to be a part of. Working for the military as an RN offers a wide range of opportunities, from office jobs to inpatient care and ambulatory settings such as clinics. There is a nursing field to fit all RNs, as military nurses do the same jobs as civilian nurses. The only difference is they have the government as their employer and work in military bases, VA hospitals, etc.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

Aside from active duty in a war zone, military nurses can choose whatever type of job that they desire and have expertise. The US forces are looking for new grad nurses where these fresh RNs can gain exceptional experience.

How Much Can You Make:

ZipRecruiter quotes the average military nurse salary as $73,306 annually nationwide.

Job Outlook:

Our great military forces will always need nurses to care for them and their families. As long as we have a US military, army, navy, air force, and marine, nurses will be in demand.

21. Health Writer

About the Job:

Nurse health writers mainly work freelance but can also work for journals, universities, health organizations, and medical supply of pharmaceutical companies. Content can include wellness and medical and health articles and blogs, books, nurse CEU, course writing and development, and advertising for health and healthcare content. Most health writers work from home and make their own hours.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

Nurses who can write are needed to write about nursing-related content. Thus, if you have a talent for words and can discipline yourself to complete your assignments on time, you should be able to obtain work as a health writer. You can make your own hours and choose what you would like to write about, which makes a career as a nurse writer one of the low-stress easiest nursing jobs to get into.

How Much Can You Make:

Successful and driven health writers can make over $100,000 annually, with oncology and obstetrics niches a bit more lucrative.

Job Outlook:

Nursing will be with us forever, so content related to the profession will continue to be necessary. In fact, this field is growing for nurses. Where non-medical writers used to write about our profession, nurses have now stepped in to create real-life relatable content about what they know best; nursing!

22. Aesthetic Nurse

About the Job:

Similar to a dermatology nurse but with a different twist, an aesthetic nurse works on skin to improve its look. Aesthetic nurses do not deal with skin issues that are medical but instead are cosmetic in nature. Therefore, they are also titled cosmetic nurses. Issues such as wrinkles, scars, and imperfections are the primary patient complaint.

Unlike a dermatology nurse who works in a clinical setting, aesthetic nurses work in spas or private cosmetology offices where they assist with outpatient services such as hair removal, Botox injections, and dermabrasion.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

No special certification or advanced training is necessary to become an aesthetic nurse. Many providers in this field prefer to train their nurses themselves, making this position one of the easiest jobs to get into.

How Much Can You Make:

ZipRecruiter lists the average annual salary of an aesthetic nurse to be $88,341.

Job Outlook:

The field of cosmetology is growing due to the desire for age-preserving procedures. Thus, aesthetic nurses have a great job outlook in this field.

23. Hospice Nurse

About the Job:

Hospice nurses work with persons in the end stages of a chronic illness. These RNs assist the patient and family with the process of dying either at home or in a hospice house, assisted care facility, or hospital. Much support and patient teaching are provided along with appropriate resource referrals to assist with care.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

Although some RNs may not be cut out for hospice nursing, those who enjoy this specialty area find the job very rewarding and not overly stressful. Due to the nature of this type of nursing, visits are non-hurried, and when a patient starts to make a turn for the worse, it is not an emergency.

How Much Can You Make:

$79,867 is the average annual pay for a hospice nurse, according to ZipRecruiter.

Job Outlook:

People will continue to die, and hospice will be there for those who want this valuable service. Families are not always available to support their loved ones in their final hours, so hospice nurses are valued and in demand to fill that need.

24. Telemed Nurse

About the Job:

There is a virtual nurse for every aspect of health. Pick your specialty, and you should be able to find a telemed entity that needs nurses. Virtual nurses work from home typically in various jobs to guide and support patients who call in for medical advice. Hours may vary with work weekends likely.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

Working from home certainly helps to make a job less stressful. Telemed jobs are looking for all types of nurses with no additional credentials beyond a nursing Associate degree or BSN needed for the position, making it one of the low-stress easiest nursing jobs to get into.

How Much Can You Make:

ZipRecruiter lists the average annual pay for a telemed nurse to be $99,989.

Job Outlook:

Telemed jobs are on the rise and are here to stay. Due to the convenience for both the staff and patients, you can expect that nurses will be in demand in this type of industry.

25. ADHD Psych Nurse

About the Job:

Psych nurses working with ADHD children and adults assess and monitor medication the provider prescribes. In addition, patient teaching about meds and ADHD coping strategies are a primary part of this role. Psych nurses working primarily with ADHD patients can find work in private psych offices or online ADHD support entities.

What Makes this Job Easy to Get Into & Low Stress:

Many aspects of psych nursing can be stressful. However, working exclusively with patients with ADHD removes many of the more unpleasant aspects of psych nursing. Psych nurses are acutely in demand making the job market an easy one for entry for RNs.

How Much Can You Make:

Psych nurses, in general, are paid $89,484 annually per ZipRecruiter.

Job Outlook:

Private and online physician ADHD practices are on the rise. Psych nurses are always needed to fill spots in these instances.

5 Drawbacks Of Easy-To-Get-Into Nursing Jobs That You Need To Know Of

Having a position that is easy to land is not the end-all for nursing satisfaction. You still will need to apply caution when looking for a nursing job.

Some drawbacks of easy-to-get into nursing jobs that you should be aware of are:

1.The job may be tedious-

Some jobs just are plain boring. Having to do the same task day-in-and-day-out may become unpleasant.

2.You may not be challenged to achieve greater goals-

You may find that you have ended up in a dead-end job where there is no challenge to better yourself.

3.There may be a hidden reason-

Why was the job so easy to get into? Are there unforeseen issues with the role or workplace that created a desperate to fill the RN vacancy?

4.There may be a high turn-over-

The job may be easy to get into because the employer can’t keep their nurses. This should be a huge red flag!

5.Don’t be fooled that this is your destiny-

If you find that you are in a dead-end job, don’t give up on nursing! You do not have to stay in a position that you hate. Too many nurses try to stick it out, thinking the problem is them, not the job. Wrong! There are tons of other unique nursing jobs to try.

BONUS! 5 Ways To Know Which Easy-To-Get-Into Nursing Job That Is Also Low On Stress Is Right For You

If you think you have found a job that you may enjoy, how do you know for sure that it is the perfect one for you?

Here are a few ways to know which easy-to-get-into and low-stress nursing job is the right fit.

1.You don’t dread going to work each day.

The worst sign of nurse burnout is the horrible feeling that goes along with the thought of work. Most of us can probably relate to that negative emotion at one time or another in our careers.

2.You feel at ease in the job.

A job where you have co-workers that you enjoy and the job itself does not overwhelm you is a sign of a great job. This aspect also boils down to adequate staffing!

3.The job challenges you.

A job that stimulates you as a nurse helps you to grow in the profession while at the same time does not present too many challenges is a keeper.

4.You feel respected.

Working in a job where you are demeaned or not given credit where credit is due can be demoralizing.

5.Administration supports you.

Having an administrator who has your back can make a big difference as issues pop up. Nothing feels worse than being left out to dry without administrative backup.

If only many of our hospitals would tap into this ideology. We may not have so many nurses jumping ship or quitting altogether.

My Final Thoughts

Before you give up on nursing, please consider asking what are the easiest nursing jobs to get into that are also low stress? This article should give you hope that there are a wide variety of nursing jobs that will not burn you out and are also not impossible to find.

If you are seeking a new less stressful role that does not require any further qualifications, this article “25 easiest nursing jobs to get into that are also low-stress” should be an index to the perfect job for you. Don’t wait any longer. Run to your new destiny that will not chew you up and spit you out! A better, softer nursing career is waiting for you, just around the bend.


1.Do The Easiest Nursing Jobs To-Get-Into Require Any Work Experience?

Most do not. That is why they are easy to get into.

2.Are The Easiest Nursing Jobs To-Get-Into Fulfilling?

Yes, there is a variety of work for every type of nurse that should thrill and fulfill.

3.Is It A Good Idea To Launch My Career With An Easy-To-Get-Into Nursing Job?

Launching your career in an easy-to-get-into nursing job may be a great idea. You will gain direct experience and can work on additional schooling or credentialing (if you desire) while on the job.

4.Do Easiest Nursing Jobs To-Get-Into Pay Well?

The most accessible nursing jobs pay just as well as most other nursing positions (except those with advanced degrees such as nurse anesthesiologists).

5.What Is The Highest-Paid Easiest Nursing Job To-Get-Into?

The highest-paid, easiest nursing jobs to get into are typically hospital-based, such as surgical or mother-baby nurses.

6.What Easiest Nursing Jobs To-Get-Into Have The Most Promising Career Outlook?

Pretty much all of the easy-to-get-into nursing jobs have a bright career outlook. A cannabis nurse is an excellent choice for this category.

7.In Addition To Salary, Do Easiest Nursing Jobs To-Get-Into Offer Additional Benefits?

The most accessible positions to get-into offer the same benefits as any other nursing position. Typically, the benefits package is generous with 401K, paid time off, tuition reimbursem*nt, and health insurance.

8.Where To Find The Easiest Nursing Jobs To-Get-Into?

Search for easy-to-get-into nursing jobs on employment sites such as Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter, and ihirenursing.com. Also, consider contacting a nurse recruiting agency such as nurserecruiter.com.

9.What Are The Top 3 Easy-To-Get-Into Non-Clinical Nursing Jobs?

Case management, research, and school nursing are among the top easy-to-get-into non-clinical nursing jobs.

10.What Are The Top 3 Easy To-Get-Into Work-From-Home Nursing Jobs?

Once again, case management tops this list, along with ADHD support and, of course, telemed jobs.

11.What Are The Top 3 Easiest Nursing Jobs To-Get-Into For ADN Graduates?

With the current nursing shortage, more jobs have opened up for ADN graduates. The field is wide open, with the exception of school nurses and jobs from hospitals that still are not hiring AD nurses. Hospice, telemed, and private duty nursing are among the top-most straightforward entry jobs for ADN grads.

25 Easiest Nursing Jobs To-Get-Into That are Also LOW-STRESS (1)Donna Reese MSN, RN, CSN
Donna Reese is a freelance nurse health content writer with 37 years nursing experience. She has worked as a Family Nurse Practitioner in her local community clinic and as an RN in home health, rehabilitation, hospital, and school nursing.

25 Easiest Nursing Jobs To-Get-Into That are Also LOW-STRESS (2024)


25 Easiest Nursing Jobs To-Get-Into That are Also LOW-STRESS? ›

Frequently topping the list of the least stressful nursing jobs are that of nurse educators. Nurse educators are RNs who hold an advanced education degree; however, it is not required in all instances. Typically nurse educators teach in universities but may also work in trade schools and community colleges.

What is the least stressful job as a nurse? ›

Frequently topping the list of the least stressful nursing jobs are that of nurse educators. Nurse educators are RNs who hold an advanced education degree; however, it is not required in all instances. Typically nurse educators teach in universities but may also work in trade schools and community colleges.

Which nursing career is the easiest? ›

Let's take a look!
  • Nurse Educator. If you're looking to swap a stressful nursing career and have a passion for teaching, it could be worth taking on further training to become a nurse educator. ...
  • School Nurse. ...
  • Clinic Nurse. ...
  • Traveling Nurse. ...
  • Case Management Nurse. ...
  • Some of the Easiest Nursing Jobs to Consider.
Mar 12, 2022

Where do the happiest nurses work? ›

Reese noted these reasons for why these are the happiest positions:
  1. Outpatient case management. ...
  2. Office nurse. ...
  3. NICU nurse. ...
  4. Informatics nurse. ...
  5. Legal nurse consultant. ...
  6. Health writer. ...
  7. Private duty nurse. ...
  8. Dermatology nurse.
3 days ago

What type of nurse is best for ADHD? ›

ADHD People as Emergency Room Nurses or Physicians

Working in the ER requires skills similar to those used by EMTs. Fast thinking and quick actions are a must. The extreme focus and ability to work under pressure that many ADHDers have are perfect for this setting also.

Can I be a nurse if I have anxiety? ›

You should not feel like you cannot work as a nurse if you experience anxiety. Many nurses with anxiety deal with their situations in positive ways that actually make them better nurses. And given the variety of potential work environments, a job change may work wonders.

What is the best nursing job for anxious introverts? ›

For introverts, a private duty nurse position can lead to satisfaction in a nursing environment that gives them the best of both worlds. Private duty nursing allows nurses to avoid frequent social interactions while providing bedside care. The only downside to this nursing career is the irregular hours.

What type of nurse works the least hours? ›

Clinic Nurse

Also, nurses who work in clinics, in generalist physician's offices, pediatric offices, and so on have a general idea of the workload they expect on a day to day basis. Since clinics do not hold patients overnight, nurses enjoy more stable working hours.

What is the fastest nurse to become? ›

The fastest way to become an RN is through an RN diploma program, which can be completed in as little as a year. While completing this program does not lead to a degree, it does make the individual eligible to take the NCLEX and earn their RN license.

What is the easiest and fastest nursing degree? ›

Associate degree in Nursing (ADN) – two years to completion

The associate degree in Nursing is best for entry-level students looking to achieve their nursing degree fast.

What type of nurse is happiest? ›

School Nurse

Nurses in the school environment often have a somewhat flexible schedule with regular work hours. Many of these positions include evenings, weekends, holidays, and summers off. With these perks, it's no wonder the role of a school nurse is one with higher job satisfaction than others.

What is the happiest nurse field? ›

The job of an occupational health nurse can be one of the happiest nursing jobs as this type of work is typically low-stress. The OHN nurse works with employees who are interested in their health and typically appreciate the nurse's input and help.

What state has the happiest nurses? ›

Top Happiest 5 states for nurses in the US
  • #5 Colorado. Quality of life ranking: #10. Average RN salary: $69,990.00. ...
  • #4 Alaska. Quality of life ranking: #19. Average RN salary: $88,510.00. ...
  • #3 Oregon. Quality of life ranking: #18. ...
  • #2 Wisconsin. Quality of life ranking: #3. ...
  • #1 Minnesota. Quality of life ranking: #2.

Which type of nurse is most prone to burnout? ›

Critical care specialties include the emergency department (ED) and intensive care unit (ICU). Emergency department nurses tend to experience the highest rates of burnout.

What is the most stressful type of nursing? ›

The most stressful nursing jobs include ICU nurse, ER nurse, and NICU nurse. In these roles, nurses work in an intense environment with high stakes. They manage emergency situations and care for critically ill patients. Other stressful nursing jobs include OR nursing, oncology nursing, and psychiatric nursing.

What is the least stressful job in a hospital? ›

Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs in Healthcare
  • Optometrist.
  • Physical Therapist.
  • Occupational Therapist.
  • Speech-Language Pathologist.
  • Dental Hygienist.
  • Medical Laboratory Technician.
  • Dietitian.
  • Pharmacy Technician.
Jun 13, 2017

What is the hardest thing a nurse has to do? ›

Seeing the death of their patients.

"Seeing those patients you took care of die and how devastating it is to the family" is the hardest part of being a nurse, said Melissa, a nurse from Oklahoma city.

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