The 15 happiest nurse jobs (2024)

Outpatient case managers and office nurses are some of the best jobs in nursing based on happiness, according to Nursing Process.

Nursing Process, an independent, educational resource site, used criteria such as salary, upward mobility, stress level, flexibility, work-life balance and future growth to determine happiness within nurse specialties.

Here are the top 15 jobs for nurse happiness:

1. Outpatient case management

2. Office nurse

3. NICU nurse

4. Informatics nurse

5. Legal nurse consultant

6. Health writer

7. Private duty nurse

8. Dermatology nurse

9. Virtual nurse coach

10. Stress lab nurse

11. Occupational health nurse

12. Transplant nurse

13. Research nurse

14. Ambulatory surgery nurse

15. Nurse medical reviewer

The 15 happiest nurse jobs (2024)
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